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constructionPavithra Constructions Pvt Ltd. is a closely held company. Drawing from the experience of a proprietorship, our main aim has been to create a niche for ourselves since our inception   as Private Limited Company in 2002. Consciously we have involved our resources in not more than two or three projects that may be running parallel or concurrent. Our strengths lie in the fact that we take up a project and finish the same on a time bound schedule and then divert our energy into the next one.

We intend to exhilarate rather than exhaust ourselves in achieving our aim. In this process we have built ourselves a strong relationship base, with supportive customers as well quality conscious suppliers and excellent support staff. We have revelled in the cycles of business and intend to last longer cycles. We expect to add on and grow further to achieve and sustain our aim of providing homes for the discerning.

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